Daniel Weintraub began making films at age 13, and at age 16, his film “I Should Have Known” won first prize in the Atlanta International Film Festival. He received a degree in film from Northwestern University. As a professional editor for nearly 20 years, Daniel has worked on all formats under the sun; from commercials and promos to TV shows and documentaries. His work has been featured in film festivals and his promo work has garnered ProMax and BDA awards. Daniel’s alternate life as a musician and recording engineer makes him a go to editor for edits that require creative use of sound and music. In addition, Daniel has worked extensively as a compositor, colorist and effects artist so he can handle all aspects of post-production when required, or can work seamlessly with your visual effects artists.




Commercials: Canon, American Express, Band-Aid, Tylenol, Gillette, Chuck E Cheese, Lycra


Promos: Comedy Central, Voom, HBO, Nikeodeon,  VH1, Food Network, NBC, Discovery


Shows: This Job’s A Trip (Travel Channel), Crash Course in Comedy (Comedy Central), Dave Does (Food Network), Saturn Gravity Files (OLN), Rap It Up (SF cable)


Narrative: “Water Balloon”, “Acceptance”,  “Static”, “The Marked Man”, “For A Few Quarters More”, “Shot”, “Days of Wrath”


Documentary: “The Sacred Truth: The Blue Hole of Dahab”, “The Westport Sunrise Sessions Go To Spain”, “Global Underwater Explorers”, “Ryan Martin: Modern Day Fish”