Capone Productions specializes in full service production from concept to delivery, but our talented artists and varied equipment are available on an a-la-carte basis as well.


EDITING – We offer editing services for any type of project. We can work in Avid MC, Premiere, FCP. See our editing page for more info and reels.



VIDEOGRAPHY/DP – Our shooting package is available with a DP for any project or event. We shoot full res HD with the benefit of the 35mm sized sensor in our Sony FS100 camera. If needed, the camera package includes location sound (lav and shotgun), small light kit and a Sachtler tripod. We can also provide full crew for larger shoots.



LOCATION SOUND - Location sound is also available if you already have a camera but are in need of professionally recorded sound.


FINISHING – COMPOSITING, COLOR CORRECTION, GRADING – Whether you need your entire project finished, you need certain shots “fixed”, or you have a few green screen shots that need compositing, we can help. Compositing and effects are done either in After Effects or on an Avid DS Nitris. Color correction is done with Adobe Speedgrade or Red Bullet Colorista. Grading is done with Red Bullet Looks.



DESIGN/MOTION GRAPHICS – Our talented designers can create titles and/or animations for your project.



3D GRAPHICS – Have a project that needs some 3D animation completed. Look no further.



SOUND DESIGN/ORIGINAL MUSIC/FINAL MIX – We offer extensive services in the area of post production sound. Experienced composers and mixing engineers work out of our sister music studio – Hell’s Kitchen Recording to sprinkle the audio magic on your final picture. More info about Hell's Kitchen Recording can be found here.